While your finger nails receive regular care, it’s common for many to overlook proper care for their toe nails. This can be incredibly unfortunate when considering just how many benefits come prepackaged with a well executed pedicure. Fortunately for those eager to improve their nail and skin health, our team is more than capable of lending a helping hand.

Come down and rest assured knowing our team delivers a comprehensive day spa service. Whether you’re interested in manicures, pedicures, or even facials, and eyebrow waxing, a specialist from our team can provide and leave you feeling like a million bucks!

Pedicures Service Charge List

  1. Regular Pedicure ⇒ 20$
  2. Sugar Scrub Pedicure ⇒ 25$ (Sugar Scrub → Dead Skin Remover)
  3. Hot Stone Pedicure ⇒ 25$  (Hot Stone → Reduce Muscle Tension)
  4. Sugar Scrub + Hot Stone Pedicure ⇒ 30$
  5. Sugar Scrub + Mask Pedicure ⇒ 30$ (Mask → Soften The Skin)
  6. Deluxe Pedicure ⇒ 35$ (Sugar Scrub + Mask + Lotion + Hot Stone)
  7. Deluxe Organic Pedicure ⇒ 40$
  8. Gel Regular Pedicure ⇒ 35$
  9. Gel Deluxe Pedicure ⇒ 50$
  10. Gel Deluxe Organic Pedicure ⇒ 55$